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We have a few great shows coming up.

The ACW Record Is Availible

We set out to achieve two simple goals: write and record in the spirit of collaboration, and make an album we would like if we heard it somewhere.  We did both. The final product is an album that we all proudly put our names to, celebrating the making of music and the company of friends. Please check it out.

The record is available for sale at our CDBABY.COM store.

ITUNES and other Download sites

A Catapult Western is availible on numerous download sites and online radio stations. A full list of sites is located here. Some may not be up and running quite yet but you can get the album NOW by clicking the images below:


At the Record Store

If you are in Madison you can also get the record at a few of the independent record stores.

Madcity Music Exchange 600 Williamson St,

Strictly Discs 1900 Monroe Street 

B-Side Records 436 State Street

Bookstore at the End of the Universe 1863 Monroe Street

The History and Future of ACW


A Brief History of A Catapult Western

A Catapult Western is a Madison Wisconsin band. The project was originally organized by a disgruntled drummer who needed to keep himself busy while his wife was on a long trip. 
He tricked four real musicians into joining the band and ACW was born.

Over the course of eight months we managed to write and record our first album and we've had a hell of a good time doing it.  

The Future of A Catapult Western 

We intend to release our record, play some shows, get signed to a major deal, win the Grammy for best new artist, and then tour non-stop for the next few years. Once egos, substance abuse, and disagreements over the musical direction of the band lead to a breakup, we’ll all be recording solo records.  Our VH1 Behind the Music episode airs in June of 2010.