James Bourne (guitars, organ, synthesizer, singing)

You might mistake James for Jerry Garcia - Except he's not heavy set, not as old, does not wear black sweat pants, and is much much taller than Jerry. Some people have suggested he's too tall, but that seems just like horseshit to me.

James has played around Madison with Show Donkey, Various Small Fires, and Buck Cornell and the Nematones.


Jason Nyberg (guitars, mandolin, singing)

Jason is a drummer but he sings and plays guitar with ACW. He was allowed in the band because he has a lot of studio equipment. If we can find someone with more gear - he's out of the band. No joke.

Jason has played with Show Donkey,  Buck Cornell and the Nematones, and still drums with Strange Talking Animals.


Meghan Rose (guitars, keyboards, mandolin, singing)

When she is not staring off to her left side, Meghan stays up late at night and scans myspace for other people named Meghan. She includes people that use alternative spellings. That's why it takes so long to find them all.

Meghan plays with Strange Talking Animals, 17 Steps, and Atlas Improv Company (She's very busy)


Laura Detert (viola, bass, keyboards)

Laura, Laura, Laura. What to say? She's a classically trained musician yet really really really hip in a Willy Street coffee house sort of way. She's mild mannered but possesses a smokey intensity that makes men weep with just a glance. And - she'll rip you new one if you call her viola a fiddle.

Laura has graced the stage with Strange Talking Animals and currently plays wedding gigs with a lovely string quartet named Laura and the Detroit Five.


Jeff Knight (bass, mandolin, guitar)

We used to call Jeff "Dockers" because he wears Dockers to rehearsal sometimes. He didn't like that. Laura suggested "The Bass Player Formally known as Dockers" as a new nickname. I'm fine with that. Jeff is that OK?

Jeff has played with Tin Ceiling, Bob Manor Band, and  Buck Cornell and the Nematones.


John Htichcock (guitar, lap steel, drums)

John will be stting in now and again. He has played with so many people - I won't even bother to drop names.

He's great - that is all there is to say.

Other important people that have contributed to recordings and shows:

Brad Beske from Strange Talking Animals

Derrick Buisch from Third Swimteam

"Less" Jimmy Roach